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‘Do the Right Thing’ award winners for November

‘Do the Right Thing’ award winners chosen for November 

Every day in our schools, there are students who set themselves apart by doing things that make a difference in the lives of others.  They do these things without expecting anything in return. 

These students are recognized by The Gaston Gazette’s ‘Do the Right Thing’ program.  In partnership with Gaston County Schools, The Gazette honors a student at each school level every month from September through May. 

The program brings attention to students who distinguish themselves by their actions, whether big or small.  From something like organizing a fundraiser or a food drive for those in need to holding open the door for students on their way to class, these exemplary students make sure that their classmates and others are cared for and treated well.

The students’ attitudes, accomplishments, and efforts make them stand out as positive role models for others, and faculty and staff are always sure to take notice.  The information about each ‘Do the Right Thing’ winner is provided by the principal. 

Here are the profiles for our ‘Do the Right Thing’ award winners for November 2020:

Grace Kucera, W.A. Bess Elementary

Elementary School Winner
Grace Kucera
W.A. Bess Elementary School
Parents: Craig and Anna Kucera

Grace Kucera’s fifth-grade teacher describes her as thoughtful and inclusive.  Recently, she was taking part in a virtual exercise with her classmates where a story was being read aloud to the class.  When one of her peers spoke up about a particularly difficult way in which she related to the main character in the book, Grace told her that she wished she could give her a hug.  So the class was able to give a “virtual hug” to their classmate during a difficult time, showing their support and understanding.  This is a prime example of Grace’s empathy toward others and the way that she thinks of others’ feelings.  Having students like Grace in our schools lets us see a glimpse of what the future holds for generations to come. 

Regan Long, Belmont Middle School

Middle School Winner
Regan Long
Belmont Middle School
Parents: Michelle Long and Scott Lowrance

Seventh grader Regan Long goes above and beyond to make sure his assignments are completed and that he is setting a positive example for his classmates.  Regan works diligently to complete and submit extra assignments when he is given the opportunity to do so; it’s something that makes him stand out from his peers.  He also is not afraid to reach out for help when he is unsure about something during his remote learning days, an admirable trait that the faculty and staff at Belmont Middle School see in him.  Known throughout the school as a “giver,” Regan is described as someone who is nice and big-hearted.  He is always kind to others, and he strives to do his best in all situations, a lesson we can all learn from during these unprecedented times. 

Cali Barnette

High School Winner
Cali Barnette
Hunter Huss High School
Parents: Christopher and Christina Barnette

In a time when it is important to remember ways to keep ourselves safe from COVID-19, Cali Barnette is making sure that she and her friends can still enjoy their senior year.  Cali took it upon herself to make a list of various activities that she and her friends could still do while respecting pandemic safety guidelines.  After consulting faculty members at Hunter Huss and thanks to Cali’s energy and leadership, the Class of 2021 was able to coordinate their senior community service activity.  The seniors have partnered with the school social worker to identify several families in need in the community, and they plan to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to the families.  Cali’s determination to work with others so they can help people in the community sets her apart as a “Do the Right Thing” student.

Congratulations to our ‘Do the Right Thing’ award winners!